I work with information, documentation and journalism within the natural sciences (mainly IT, tele communications, mathematics, physics), social sciences (politics, economics, history), human sciences (language, literature).

I have been doing this since the early seventies in connection with, and aside from, other kinds of work. I also offer graphic design (which is very important for the user friendliness of a document), editing and language review plus translation of non-fiction texts and fiction. More facts about me and my work via the links to the left and in the footer. I look forward to hearing from you!


Member of: FTI, the Swedish Society for Technical Information (board member 2001-06); SFÖ, the Swedish Association of Professional Translators (board member 2004-08); STIMDI, Sveriges Tvärvetenskapliga Intresseförening för Människa-Datorinteraktion (Swedish Association for Human-Computer Interaction); Översättarcentrum (Translator's Centre).