Reports (project manager/P, editor/R, co-author/M)

  • "User requirements study and programming for standardization in the field of Character Set Technology" /CEN 1995 (M)
  • "Convergence of the Voluntary and Regulatory System [within IT testing and certification]" /CEN 1995 (R, M)
  • "The Certification Mandate"; A summary of the reports on the first phase /ECITC 1993(R, M)
  • OSINET-S follow-up /Statskontoret 1991 (author)
  • European standardization of character sets and their coding /CEN/CENELEC 1989 (R, M)
  • The standardization of OSI's net layer /Televerket 1986 (author)
  • Bättre publicering på skogs- och jordbruksområdet /SJFR 1980 (M)
  • Forskningsrådens medieutredning /NFR 1977 (S, M)
  • Forskningskommunikation /NFR 1976 (R, M)


  • Member of the editorial board of the SFÖ journal Facköversättaren 2007–
  • Editor of LKDs/SITOs/IF-Företagens newsletter Fax-IT and magazine Informatik 1994–95
  • Writing information material about CEN/CENELEC's activities in the IT domain in IT Standards News och IES News 1987–1989
  • Co-editor of the magazine Teknik & Standard 1984–86; authorship of a number of articles