Expert knowledge: Comprehensive knowledge within IT (in particular data and tele communications), physics and mathematics. Also solid knowledge of popular science and social science in general.

Language proficiency: I speak and write English fluently. I read French, German, Danish and Norwegian fluently.

Experience: Writing, translation, information activities in general. Terminology work. More than 30 years experience of journlistic work, illustration, publishing. Technical reports, technical editing. Organization and management of standardization work. Arrangement of conferences, seminars, workshops. Lectures and presentations.


  • 1990: self-employed; assignments for, i.a., CEN (see below), IT-företagen (currently IT&Telekomföretagen), Ericsson and various translation companies, technical information companies and book publishers.
  • 198690: Technical secretary at the European Organization for Standardization, CEN, Brussels.
  • 198086: Technical secretary at SIS, Swedish Standards Institute.
  • 197580: Technical secretary and publishing secretary at the Editorial Service of the Swedish at the Swedish Natural Science Research Council.

Formal education

MSc in Technical physics, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH. BSc in English, French, German, Russian and Phonetics. Currently studying national economics and political science for a BSc degree.